Natural pet food is complex. We do not fully understand the complexity of food and its importance. But one thing is known to those who are looking for the truth; and that is a species-appropriate diet is vital for the health of everyone, including your pet.

Most people with a pet rely on commercial pet food, with little thought about how nutritious it could be. This is understandable when you consider that most people do not eat nutritious food, but rely on junk food, fast food, restaurant food, anything but real food.

The fact is that food is vital for health. If you or your pet does not eat nutritiously (i.e. high quality), species-specific (i.e. developed by your ancestors) food, do not expect you or your pet to be healthy. It’s really very simple.

However, people like to make things more complicated than they really are. That is people with a legitimate interest.

Just a few decades ago it was common to feed a pet from the table. This was in the days when family nutrition was healthier than today and when agriculture was growing real food instead of the chemically loaded “food” produced today.

And in most cases, the pets thrived. This was not inappropriate food for dogs and most cats supplemented their food with a small hunt.

Then the animal feed industry was born. Clever marketing has mocked this practice as inadequate. Nothing influences people more than thinking that they are not good parents or good animal keepers. We’re easy to manipulate.

Slogans such as “veterinary approved”, “scientifically formulated”, “balanced”, “healthy” etc. were convincing, if not even correct. Then as now, advertising does not have to prove that it is true. Careful wording can be legal, yet untrue.

This industry didn’t want you to improve your pet’s diet. They don’t care about that. No, what they wanted and still want is to make a profit. That is the only goal of companies. This is the sole task of every CEO.

In order to achieve the best possible profit, the raw material, i.e. the basic ingredients of pet food, comes from the cheapest resources. Quality is not taken into account. Neither is the natural diet of the species, such as the type of food, the balance, etc..

All pet food is cooked at high temperatures and pressures to kill the bacteria that are so rampant in the factories. This process destroys any remaining nutrients. And food is still being recalled from impurities.

To remedy the lack of food, color the end result, season it to ensure that the poor animal eats it to get the end result, synthetic chemicals are often used indefinitely. All synthetic chemicals are naturally toxic.

The importance of natural pet food cannot be overemphasized if you want a healthy pet if you do not want to do without expensive veterinary treatment. But you won’t find it on any supermarket shelf. The best way is to learn how to do it yourself.

Don’t expect your vet to come to the party. They are well trained – from the animal feed industry.

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