The cold weather seems to be on most of Canada and the United States in January. Your pets should be taken into account when the cold weather hits your area. There are some guidelines to follow for the winter months when protecting your pets.

Dogs should never be released from the rental contract in snow or ice, as in this type of weather they often lose their smell, get away from the pet owner and are difficult to find in this cold weather. They can become disoriented in cold weather and can be lost if you are out in the cold for too long.

People are warned to stay below freezing temperatures, including your pets. You must keep pets as far as possible in the house when the temperatures are in the low freezing times when the wind chill warnings are outside. The effect on a person does not last long in the wind chill or pets.

You should keep your pets – dogs, cats etc. – Never leave them outdoors unattended, because you can only say how the cold really affects them when you are with them. If there is any reason that you cannot bring your pet in, then try to make a place that is warm and away from the drafts so that they can sleep. So that they are safe from the winter cold. Provide a form of bedding that provides some insulation and helps keep them warm. Straw, for example, protects it from the cold ground and provides a certain amount of insulation.


Cold weather can affect a person’s hands, face exposed areas, so you should take precautions with your pets as well. Clean your pet’s paws before they come in. The salt and ice-melting chemicals used on most roads during the winter months can burn dog’s paws. There are many new types of winter boots or overshoes for dogs, as well as the new pet-friendly ice melts that are now worn in many pet stores. There are more and more new items to protect your pet in winter. Many shops today also carry clothes in the form of coats and sweaters for many pets. We need to get warmer in winter for these temperatures, so it is necessary to prepare your pet.

We have all experienced strange noises when starting our car. Be sure to knock on your car hoods before you start the engines because it is found that warm car engines provide an inviting place for cats and small animals to cozy up to for the warmth that does not realize the risks involved.

Antifreeze is another known threat to pets and can be harmful in large quantities. It is a sweet treat that attracts animals and has found more on the ground at this time of year. A precautionary measure is to keep this toxic substance away from pets by wiping off any spills that may occur and keeping containers in which they are easy for no one but yourself to judge. Antifreeze does not harm pets when taken in small amounts, but it can react because it is made from propylene glycol but can be toxic if digested in large amounts. Any kind of foreign chemical should not have access to pets or other persons.

Winter is hard on everyone and people tend to take vitamins, apply more creams and lotions to keep their skin moist in the cold, dry air. Pets also need food supplements such as fatty acids and skin care products to protect their skin and coat during the winter months. Pets with short hair are more affected by the cold.

Pets should not stay in the vehicle longer in winter than in the summer months. The summer can turn the vehicle into an oven well it is facing for the winter and pets can chill in a cold vehicle for long periods of time.

Heaven Pet Urns takes care of your pets and pet owners. We hope you will follow these guidelines during the winter months when temperatures drop. Protect yourself and your pet, because we take care of it and this is reflected in our animal urn products and our thoughts.

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